A Fragile System . . . . .


Photography by Louis Schwartzberg

Just as the Earth provides for us in a symbiotic or mutually beneficial way, we as stewards of the Earth must always be cognizant of the fact that what we take from it is not easily replaced. Consider for a moment, it takes approximately five hundred years for nature to create one inch of topsoil from the underlying rock that a bulldozer can remove in a heartbeat. In the case of disappearing species, once gone, they can never be replaced. As each one disappears, the delicate balance in the web of life is disrupted and in some cases can have catastrophic effects on the survival of every other species. Look no further than the rapidly declining numbers and potential fate of bees. If all the bees on planet Earth disappear, and currently they are at an alarming rate due to the misguided application of under-tested pesticides, without their ability to pollinate plants, there are few crops that can be harvested and humans would disappear from the face of the Earth within an estimated four years of their extinction. Our withdrawals from the natural world will be paid with compounding interests if each year’s neglect of the natural world continues the way it has. What takes us only days to take from the environment, can in many cases take thousands of year for nature to replace or rebuild.

Today, where 217,000 people are added to the planet every day, it is imperative that we shift our focus from one of consumption and waste to one of sustainability. Revisiting with our children what our ancestors taught, to educate our children and our grandchildren of our delicate relationship with the Earth. Now is the time to again, fall in love with the Earth, to see our connection to it, to protect it, to respect LIFE, all life, and build a sustainable future for our descendants as we send our love into the future.

Love and Light in your continued journey of discovery . . . . .



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