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Thank you for your interest protecting the planet we’re living on.  News regarding the state our planet is currently in, sadly doesn’t make headlines.  This is no accident.   Concerning ourselves with the environment is deliberately overlooked because global economies and Wall Street aren’t concerned with the resources of the planet they take from, as long as the resources are still there to take from.  But what if they weren’t?  What if they were almost depleted or had become so polluted, toxic, exploited, or destroyed that they couldn’t be used anymore?  Would you want to know or would you just want to plunge blindly into the future, taking a “business as usual” approach to our relationship with the Earth, even if that means there won’t be a viable planet left to leave to our children?

The most fundamental Law of Nature is that we cannot separate our well-being from the well-being of the planet we live on.   As business and industry has evolved in the last 200 years, our relationship with the Earth is one that has become destructive on a catastrophic scale.   Today, every eco-system and every life-sustaining aspect of our planet is now in decline, and yet, our destruction of the planet not only continues but remains  imperceptible to the masses living in first-world countries.  Our impact on the planet is now so pervasive and overwhelming, scientist for the first time ever are plotting timelines as to how long civilization can continue before the ultimate collapse from which there will be no recovery.

Our existing economic model is one that is blindly waging war against the continuation of life on Earth to the extent that we’ve reached a tipping point.  It is our singular focus on the “economy,”  along with our addiction to profit and growth that is digging us deeper every day.

Speaking engagements involve highlighting the critical issues we are now facing as a species and a civilization, the long term implications our current economic model is having on the sustainability of civilization and the planet, and strategies for reversing our impact on the planet and preserving the planet for our children and future generations.

The presentation highlights and addresses the following key points:

  • Our remarkably unique planet . . .  
  • Our Misguided Industrial Revolution
  • The “Economy of Commerce” vs. “The Ecology of Commerce”
  • “Consumerism” vs. “Sustainability”
    • Our Corporate Dependence
    • Cannibalizing resources and creating a used up planet
  • Report Card for the Planet
    • Climate Change – the implications now and for future generations
    • Deforestation and Agri-business (Cattle Farming)
    • Oceans devoid of life?
    • Plastic – A story only karma could write!
    • Fukushima – A catastrophe of diabolical proportions!
    • Soil – Organic Farming vs. Petroleum Based Commercial Agriculture
    • Our looming global ecological and economic collapse
  • Doing Our Part:
    • Avoiding collapse and restoring the Planet
    • Strategies for sustainability and preserving the Planet for future generations
    • Taking accountability for our actions – making better choices
    • Back to the Earth

To book a speaking engagement, contact:

David Gieske via email at or call 859.426.0527.

Please provide approximate dates for consideration.



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