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Albert Einstein once said, “When we stop learning, we start dying.”  I couldn’t agree with more that sentiment.   To stop exploring, to stop discovering, to stop looking for answers, meant for me, to stop looking for meaning, connection, or relevance.

I believe curiosity is what fills our life with amazement.  Seeking answers and always moving forward is life. To remain stagnant is death.  I love a quote from Benjamin Franklin who was quoted, saying, “Many die at twenty-five, but aren’t buried till they’re seventy-five.”  The idea behind this statement was that following youth, many stop exploring the mystery and magic of life that we are surrounded by.  They stop asking questions about life and merely go through the motions of enduring and surviving it.

I believe life is like a ride, one in which we are always blossoming, always renewing ourselves, always emerging into something grander than what we already are, moving from a nebulous state of being in the present moment into a state of becoming.

Predicated on that belief, following my college career, and I call it that because I was a career student (not a major by the way), I chose to continue teasing the threads of life apart.  After earning 3 degrees in the sciences, my desire to keep learning was just getting started.  I never developed an acumen for the culturally accepted and currently subscribed to faiths that are prevalent throughout the world, therefore I had to find my own path of enlightenment which wasn’t easy.  But all my searching provided me with what I needed to ground myself, the evidence of who and what we are.  That evidence is all around us and can be found everywhere in nature and throughout the cosmos.  We are quite literally woven into and out of the fabric of the universe itself.  I find that comforting.

I share my own personal journey of exploration with you, the reader, because I believe that as we all seek answers to our questions, hopefully we will come to see our connection to everything including our connection to one another, to the Earth, and to every living thing on it and within it.  I feel that this is the most basic and profound tenets of true spirituality.  To realize we are literally that part of the universe that has come to life and is part of a universal consciousness is a good first step in our awakening.  We’re all connected to everyone and everything.

Society sees us all as separate, individual, and detached from one another.  Spirituality and ancient spiritual understanding, which has been bolstered by recent discoveries in quantum physics, hold a different perspective.  We know now that we are truly all one.  Not figuratively, but rather quite literally, we are one consciousness, one people, and one spiritual family.  It is my sincere hope that through my blog, and eventually with the release of my book, that I may imbue you the reader, with that same sense of wonder and curiosity that sparked my imagination all those years ago as a child, and may cultivate a desire within yourself to always explore, always discover, always to love life, and to care for yourself, for others, and for the Earth with the same sense of awe, gratitude, reverence and respect that life has for itself and reveals to us everyday in the way that the Earth nurtures and provides for each and every one of us.

“Love and Light to all on your path of discovery in the journey we are taking together in this three dimensional classroom called LIFE.”

All the Best,


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